Thursday, July 7, 2011

Please Pray For Me...

Today is knee surgery day...and I am about to get out of bed on the two legs that I can 80% walk on, go have them cut open my left knee only to come home on 0% walking...

I am having my ACL replaced with a cadaver, and my meniscus repaired. I guess that soccer has finally caught up with me, and I am asking that you pass my blog onto others for prayer. Being a single mom I have the fear that something will go wrong and ill abandon R. There is a HUGE group of people that will make sure she is ok, but that also means that I am going to have a lot of alone down time while I heal. Down time is a time for thinking, and right now I dont want to think about anything that im going through. Knee surgery + Rehab for months, a divorce, and trying to navigate life alone again.
I know that I will be ok and that this surgery is going to be just fine....but WHAT IF I dont wake up?

I ask for prayers for this day, and for the needed strength for a quick recovery.

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