Friday, July 8, 2011

Day1 Post Op

What I remember from surgery day:
My friend Derek took me in at 9am for check in. Got me all situated in a nice gown that hooks up to heat machines in case you get cold. They did the IV and started fluids and relaxation medicine. Then Dr. Fahey did the electrified needle Femoral Block, which was amazing and didnt hurt at all. It was just weird. Wheeled to the OR at 12:10 where I know that I moved to the table and then just went to sleep so I dont remember the actual going under part the left over sedation medicine made me sleepy enough.
I woke up at 4pm. I vaguely remember waking up being cold, but supposedly the nurse said that I was FREEZING so they had me burrito wrapped and the gown machine hooked up to me.
Then I was moved to the waiting room after the recovery room where Derek and Marilyn were both sitting with me while I got my papers and instructions for going home. I had apple juice and crackers and they were DELICIOUS!

Last night wasnt bad. Marilyn stayed with me the whole night just in case I needed something, but really I just would wake up to take my meds, eat something and go right back to sleep after I went to the bathroom. This morning I am feeling great. I have some pain but its nothing that I cant manage and the Norco are really helping. I am taking a lot of naps and being lazy! I like it. R is in school today and ill get to see her later tonight after she gets out.

God is good and he protected me through this

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